Eurosplint offers clinicians an intuitive tool which they can rely on at a fair price


1.Upload a case


2.Inspect face model


3.Plan treatment


4.Confirm VTO


5.Download splints


3D virtual facial planning has allowed surgeons to achieve more accurate and predictable results, but it also has brought many changes in records and workflow.

Virtual planning requires:

  • Substantial financial investments
  • Good computer skills
  • High surgery volume in order to keep those skills updated

Eurosplint is a bridge between the clinicians and trained medical engineers who put clinical ideas into virtual treatment plan and provide the final product: virtual or 3D-printed intermediate and final splints.

Answer the questions to realize if you benefit from Eurosplint services:

  • Are you planning to postpone or cut investments into the 3D planning software?
  • Do you perform less than 25 orthognathic surgery cases per year?
  • Are you comfortable with your results by using a conventional planning technique and would like to use virtual 3D planning for complex cases only?



Splint rendering and/or printing services

Client is in direct contact with medical engineers through Eurosplint online platform. Clinical decisions are entered by the client and are put into virtual treatment plan by medical engineers. The end product is downloadable STL file/files or intermediate and/or final splints. The interface between the client and the medical engineers allows to observe the workflow, make changes and confirm the final treatment plan.


Facial planning and surgical advice services

Virtual planning process is supervised by an experienced orthognathic surgeon who gives advice on facial plan or suggests implementing corrections. If needed the virtual planning procedure can be intercepted or completely fulfilled by the team surgeon.


Surgeon on site services

Surgeons who are performing the first steps in orthognathic surgery and/or virtual treatment planning might want to have an expert over the shoulder in the operating room. Depending on the geographical location of the client the surgeon on-site service can vary from medical advice in the operating room to full control of surgical procedure.