Three dimensional (3D) image processing can provide useful information to clinicians and scientists. 3D imaging techniques allows us to create accurate virtual 3D models and to evaluate treatment outcomes. Scientific 3D image processing requires a lot of time and knowledge, this is why our team will be happy to help you with the performance of these processes! 

Eurosplint Scientific division chooses the best techniques and performs superimposition of CT datasets with highest accuracy. Eurosplint scientists use following superimposition methods for research:

Landmark based method (anatomical)

Segmentation based method (surfaces)

Voxel based method (using full images information)

Superimposition results can help you to evaluate morphological and volumentric changes of selected anatomical regions in short and long-term follow-up, e.g. morphological changes of the maxilla and mandible after orthognathic surgery, or dental arch shape stability after orthodontic treatment. Similarly, different scanner devices may be tested for accuracy.

We are able to promote your important daily work with an evidence-based scientific methods!